1953 Diego Carini founded the company Carini, specialized in the production of gears and transmission units. the goals of his company were innovation, ongoing research  and quality. Thanks to his founder talent Carini became market leader and a landmark for Italian and international customers, receiving also important credits for its tenacious research of quality

During the following years  the company stood  out on many sectors, such as naval, military , textile, automotive and agricultural. In its best productive years, the Carini staff included about 70 units.

2006 Diego Carini left the governance

2014 the company was taken over by a group of entrepreneurs, which were already owners of some companies applied in the precision engineering (EFFE2 and Overtech). The group took the lead of the company with the aim of bringing it back to the previous market position, following  the spirit which drove its founder more than 60 years ago; innovation, research and quality. 

The name Carini industria srl symbolized the new leading fingerprint but without forgetting the importance of  tradition and the great job that was made in the past.